WriterZen Review 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

For content authors, Writerzen is a groundbreaking AI-based SEO content writing tool. Automatically producing original, high-quality material in your field can help you attract more visitors, customers, and sales! In this Writerzen review, I have covered the pricing details, features, and how to use it along with the free trial guide.

With Writerzen, you can discover keywords, investigate themes, compare your competition, and rank for highly competitive keywords. You can write more SEO-optimized content using Writerzen. With the assistance of AI and machine learning, you can generate superior content more quickly and with less work.

What is WriterZen?

writerzen homepage

WriterZen is a new SaaS in the modern SEO industry. WriterZen is necessary for discovering topics and obtaining in-depth information on a given term.

It is an absolute alternative to Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest for discovering keywords and topics.

In addition to Keyword research and keyword information retrieval, WriterZen can assist you in writing SEO-friendly content for your blogs or digital marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you can utilize its AI writing functionality. Moreover, WriterZen has its own plagiarism detector to aid your content development efforts.

That is to say, from keyword discovery to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of it to creating SEO-optimized content that has been tested for plagiarism, you now have access to everything on a single platform.

Woah! That’s exciting, no?

As soon as I began using WriterZen, it felt like home.

Rest I will provide a thorough WriterZen review by summarizing each of its features in-depth.

But first, we’ll start with how to activate the free trial of WriterZen without a credit card. 

How to activate the free trial of WriterZen.

1 Open the home page of WriterZen and press the button on the right side Top “Get started now”.

writerzen review

2. Now create your account, you can either join by your already existing Google Account or by filling up the details like your Name, Email ID, Birthdate, and Phone number(optional). After filling in the details, press “Submit”. 

3. Your Dashboard opens and below you can submit certain details so that the WriterZen customize your dashboard according to the details entered. 

4. Once, you enter all the details, The Button, “Start your Journey” gets activated. 

5. Now, your customized Dashboard will be opened and you can even watch the introductory video to know the details. 

6. This is what your sample document looks like and these are the features given to you. 

WriterZen Review: Features

Topic Discovery

writerzen topic discovery feature

Choosing a blog/article topic might be time-consuming. And investigating the topic you’ve conceived can be laborious and time-consuming. Topic Discovery provides you with appropriate keywords and themes for your new article in only minutes.

When a term is entered, the algorithm scans the top 100 URLs for all associated keywords. It investigates how people respond to subtopics and which topics are now popular.

This provides you with keywords that are currently popular and widely utilized on the web. Additionally, you receive terms that you could never guess, as users search for them.


While you only see 3 topics in each cluster. You can expand the cluster card and see more topics inside. As you can see in the above image, it expands and displays a list of

  • Headlines To Consider
  • Google Suggest Insights
  • Related Google Searches

You receive unique keyword suggestions with a high search volume. You can sort the search results by relevance (closely, moderately, or broadly) or by search volume/relevance. If you like, you can choose to view the terms as a mind map.

Utilize Headlines To Consider and Google Suggests Insight conduct additional research. These features include headings used by other articles and also suggest fresh topic ideas by offering questions, prepositions, and comparison suggestions based on the term.

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer, one of WriterZen’s most prominent features, is an outstanding tool. Without study, relying on intuition can hinder your SEO ranking. Keyword Explorer comes into play when it comes to determining which keywords improve your ranking.


Keyword Explorer offers you a large number of keywords and a variety of filters to organize them. You can begin your keyword search using country and language criteria.

After conducting a search with a certain term, you receive various statistics and insights for all keywords.


These include the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Overview, Total Search Volume, CPC (cost-per-click), and Keyword Ideas.

You also have a chart/graph for monthly Search Volume and Google Trends data. This provides information regarding when the keyword’s search volume trends.

Keyword Data

Here are the primary keyword statistics. You receive a list of terms with columns for search volume, CPC, trend, and total word count. On clicking a keyword in the list, several Keyword Difficulty ratios are displayed.


The lower the Keyword Difficulty (KD) score, the less difficult it is to rank for that keyword. For content creation, we must prioritize KD by content. You also receive a full chart of the search volume and its trends.

You can use Phrase Match to further categorize the keywords that begin with the phrase you searched for. Then, there is the option of Having the Same Terms, which provides a list of terms that contain the search term. And finally, you have the Also Look For option, which provides keywords that consumers search for that are similar to the one you entered.

You can reduce the list further by using the include, exclude option to list keywords that should include or omit the exact word(s) you type. In addition to volume, CPC, and keyword word count, you may also filter by ESPK (expected sales per click) and trending keywords.

And with the aid of these filters, you may limit the list of terms that are suitable for your needs.

WriterZen utilizes Google Keyword Planner and its own algorithms to retrieve the information.

Keyword Insights


Term Insights displays questions that contain the specified keyword. You can use these for the Frequently Asked Questions section of your post. This tool provides you so many ideas that you could construct a full website with them!

Keyword Clusters


WriterZen examines the rankings of many Google pages that contain the keyword and other keywords that assist the page rank higher. It compiles this data and provides you with several keyword suggestions for your post.

These keywords increase your SEO score and help you rank better in search engine results.

Content Creator


In the first step, this application helps you build an article outline. It provides headings used by the highest-ranking pages and queries with insights. You can specify the number of words in your article, and the software will recommend the number of headings and photos.

In the second phase, you receive a list of keywords to use in your post. It pre-selects a few keywords that are commonly used by competitors with higher rankings. It occasionally proposes irrelevant keywords and needs significant improvement.

In step 3, you’ll find a page for writing your post. This provides all the essential editing tools to edit and format the article.

Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism Checker tool is a supplementary function of WriterZen. Few SEO platforms incorporate this functionality with other SEO tools.


The Plagiarism Checker is a typical tool. It flags as plagiarised any exact phrases borrowed from other articles. However, if a few words and sentences are changed, the software does not detect plagiarism.


Here is an example of a food blog article. According to WriterZen’s Plagiarism Checker, my article contains 1% or no instances of plagiarism.

Credit Utilization

Starting with Content Creator tools, we are limited to 70 monthly articles. And the Keyword Explorer daily maximum is 250. This means that you are limited to searching for 250 keywords per day.

The daily word count limit for Plagiarism Checker is 40,000. And the monthly keyword credit is 200,000 credits.

This credit is utilized in two instances: Allintitle and Keyword Clusters. Use this credit with caution, as it is readily expendable.

WriterZen Review: Pricing

writerzen pricing

WriterZen has two membership options: a free trial and a premium subscription. The free trial provides a restricted amount of functions and is valid for only seven days. The 7-day free trial allows you to become familiar with the product in depth. I believe this duration is sufficient for users to determine whether or not to purchase the paid version.

The subscription plan, on the other hand, includes and functions that are truly remarkable. There are two membership fee choices available, namely monthly and yearly. The following pricing choices are available when selecting a monthly plan.

On the other hand, if you select the yearly plan, you will receive a discount of 30%, as shown in the following example:

WriterZen’s Customer Service

WriterZen has exceptional customer service. In addition to connecting with users and swiftly responding to concerns, the support team provides the most comprehensive assistance possible. For each issue, the specialists provide a comprehensive solution.

WriterZen Pros & Cons

Pros of WriterZen

  • User-friendly interface for the dashboard Easy access to all features.
  • I’ve learned that the research offered by WriterZen is significantly more valuable in numerous verticals, including both seed keywords and undiscovered chances.
  • I adore the Subject Explorer’s incredible topic suggestions and ideas. It aids your SEO rankings and saves you a great deal of time.
  • Additionally, I appreciate the Content creator tool, which has been quite useful in my efforts to produce high-quality content.
  • Priced affordably and cheaply. $69 for an AppSumo WriterZen lifetime deal. You receive an exceptional, feature-rich, all-in-one SEO tool at this inexpensive cost. Other tools have the same features but are more expensive.
  • A plagiarism detector performs flawlessly. Compared to Copyguard Premium

Cons of WriterZen

  • The content creation feature offers significant room for development. It aims to assist you in discovering relevant terms, but other tools offer far greater precision.
  • It also lacks the ability to compare your keywords and content with those of other websites, a function that is essential for any content writer.
  • Professional bloggers typically include backlinks, but you cannot do so with WriterZen. If you are a novice, you need not worry about this.

My Verdict – Writerzen Review

You can choose WriterZen if it’s your first time utilizing a content optimization platform. Among its many functions is an integrated plagiarism checker.

UberSuggest is a perfect solution with a backlinks feature if you require the use of backlinks. Otherwise, you can begin your blogging and content development with this platform.

I have detailed all of WriterZen’s features in this Writerzen review. If you have any questions, please respond in the section below. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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