What is PBN Hosting? How to buy one with SeekaHost.app?

If you want to build backlinks and not get penalized by Google, try Private Blog Network hosting. Using PBN hosting, you can build backlinks with unique IP addresses and host your website worldwide.

The best platform to buy PBN hosting is SeekaHost via the SeekaPanel. With the SeekaHost, you can manage your PBNs securely and get better SEO results.

In this article, I share the steps to buy a PBN hosting from SeekaHost and manage your PBNs successfully.

buy pbn hosting easily

What is a Private Blog Network?

A private blog network is a pool of websites owned by one person. These websites link to each other for providing backlinks without leaving any trace for Google.

As Google penalizes websites that link to others owned by the same person, PBN hosting is the best alternative.

So is this legit?

You may have heard and found it on Google that PBN is a black hat practice. But not everything that you hear is true.

When you use SeekaHost.app to manage your PBNs, you are doing it the legal way. This way, you won’t violate any terms of Google and prevent yourself from being penalized.

Who Can Use a PBN?

Anybody who is finding it challenging to build backlinks can use a PBN. But when you do so, you should remember that the content should be high-quality and plagiarism free.

Bloggers and SEO consultants like me use PBN as it helps in ranking websites with lots of backlinks.

Since I am using SeekaHost to manage PBNs, I will show you how to do it in this tutorial.

How To buy PBN Hosting via SeekaHost.app?

seekahost pbn homepage

Before you buy PBN hosting at SeekaHost.app, you need a good domain name. Most people prefer expired domains as they have good backlinks. But you can kick-start with a new domain name.

So let me show you how to buy a domain name using the SeekaHost.app control panel.

Visit the SeekaHost official website, and create a new account by registering with your email address.

Once logged into the SeekaPanel, go to Domains, and enter the domain name in the search box. Click on search, and the system will show you the domain availability.

If the domain is available, proceed with Add To Cart.

New domain registration at SeekaHost.app is only $5.99 per year. This is the cheapest that you can get.

seekahost domain reg

Confirm your personal information, such as name and email address. Now proceed with the payment process.

seekahost payment

You can choose to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal. Click on Order Now and you will see the result as below.

seekahost purchase order

Now that you have the domain registered, let’s see how to build a PBN using the same domain.

You can buy PBN hosting and manage it using the SeekaPanel itself, so you need to log out.

How To Set Up a PBN Hosting at SeekaHost.app?

To create a PBN, you need PBN hosting. SeekaHost.app offers different PBN hosting packages, so choose one.

seekahost pbn hosting

To buy a PBN hosting, go to the Hosting Plans on the left side of the dashboard. Click on the drop-down, and you will see PBN Hosting. Click on it to choose different PBN hosting packages.

Choose any one PBN hosting plan and proceed with the checkout. You can pay via the same payment procedure or choose another payment option.

Now that you have a PBN hosting plan, you need to build a PBN blog. For that, go to Websites & Blogs on the left side. Click on it, and you will find Private Blogs (PBN).

seekahost add new blog

Now click on Create New Blog and enter the domain name.

add blog

Choose the blog category as default and toggle the Visibility button. Click on the Add Blog button.

Wait for a few seconds till your domain gets added to the PBN blog list. The next step is to point the nameservers of your domain to SeekaHost.

Go to the PBN blog list, and you will find your domain added. Click on the settings tab.

seekahost pbn blog list

Now copy the nameserver1 and nameserver 2, so you can paste them into the nameserver settings.

copy nameservers

Go back to the Domains list and then go to the settings under the domain name registered.

You will see the Private Nameservers option on the right side, so click on it.

private nameservers

To change the nameservers, your domain should be unlocked. To unlock the domain, go to the Registrar lock section and toggle the button to open it.

domain unlock

toggle domain unlock

Again go back to the nameservers settings. Use default nameservers will be selected by default. But you need to go with custom nameservers.

private nameservers

I hope you have copied the two nameservers. So paste it here and save it.

You need to check whether the nameservers have been updated successfully or not. So go to the Websites & blogs section and then Private Blogs. Locate the domain and click on settings.

update nameservers

To check the status of your nameservers, click on Leafdns.com and the system will show you the nameserver status.

leafdns status

The nameservers have been updated successfully. The next step is to add SSL to your site.

Go to the Domain settings and locate SSL on the right side. Enabling the SSL for your domain is not tricky but takes only one click.

enable ssl seekahost

Simply toggle the SSL bar, so it turns to Blue. At one click, your site will have SSL enabled.

toggle ssl seekahost

This is how you can host multiple PBNs via the SeekaHost.app control panel.

This was heck easy!

Now you can start customizing your site by logging into the WordPress dashboard. You can find the login credentials in your email.

SeekaHost.app PBN Hosting Features

seekahost pbn features

Quick Setup:

In the earlier section of this tutorial, I have shown you how to set up a PBN blog. As you can see from this tutorial, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up the PBN blog.


SeekaHost.app ensures top-notch security of your website with a secured firewall and continuous scanning for malware protection. Your website gets a unique IP address by using private nameservers provided by SeekaHost.app.

One Dashboard:

In a single dashboard, you can buy new domains, WordPress hosting, and PBN hosting services. Once you buy a domain, you won’t have to leave the dashboard to purchase PBN hosting.

The SeekaHost.app control panel allows you to manage SSL, nameserver, and other settings in one single dashboard.

Uptime Guarantee:

SeekaHost.app has its own control panel, unlike other hosting providers that use cPanel or Plesk. The SeekaHost.app servers are secured and optimized for high speed. This ensures guaranteed uptime of your websites.


You can reach out to the customer support team available 24/7 via the client portal system for any assistance. Get all your issues resolved regarding hosting purchase, setup, and managing your sites effortlessly.


The SeekaHost.app SeekaPanel allows you to add multiple users to your team. This helps you distribute the task to your team, and you can focus on other business strategies. You can add users and give them access to your SeekaHost.app account.

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You can explore many more features inside the SeekaHost.app control panel. You can delete the PBN, and even check the statistics of your PBN that show the usage.

PBN is not a black hat SEO practice, but this is only if you use the correct method. For building backlinks to your blog, you have to buy it at a cost or request others. This takes time and money.

The better option is to build a PBN blog via the SeekaHost.app control panel.

I am sure this tutorial will help you launch your first PBN blog quickly.

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