Jasper AI Review 2023: Details, Pricing, Tutorial & Features

Want to spend less time writing? Are you having trouble consistently creating content?

Want to produce ORIGINAL content quickly and affordably? Use Jasper (Formerly Jarvis).

Jasper is a writing tool that employs artificial intelligence to improve your writing on ANY subject.

If you want to read an honest objective review of Jasper AI, this page is for you.

Can an AI writing tool like Jasper outperform a human author? This is the question that many individuals ask after hearing about the Jasper tool.

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In this Jasper AI review, we will examine Jasper AI in greater detail to determine how well it can assist you in creating audience-engaging content.

What is Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis)?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence software application that automatically generates content. Jasper AI generates material for you using natural language processing and artificial intelligence, so you don’t have to spend time writing.

Using Jasper, you may automatically generate blog entries, social network posts, advertisements, eBooks, landing page copy, stories, and novels.

The number one reason the majority of people (over 50,000) choose Jasper AI is that the content generated by Jasper is superior to ALL other AI writing tools combined!

If you are interested in automating your content authoring or generating more material quickly, you should use Jasper. Additionally, Jasper provides a 5-day FREE trial with 10,000-word credits.

Jasper AI Review – Features List

Jasper software offers these amazing features;

  • Create blog posts, stories, etc.
  • Post on social media
  • Content created by Jasper is 100% original
  • Write advertisements, landing pages, and other promotional content
  • Provides plenty of content frameworks, including AIDA
  • Creates longer articles with the help of a long-form assistant
  • With Content Improver, you can enhance existing content
  • Create subject lines for emails
  • You can also create scripts for videos

Who should use Jasper AI?

Therefore, who should be using Jasper’s copywriting tool? 

  • Bloggers who have difficulty creating new content regularly
  • Owners of small businesses who are looking for original product reviews
  • If you want your video titles and descriptions to be crisp and unique, you should become a YouTuber
  • Those who manage social media and need quick and easy ways to post great content
  • Those who want to write blog articles, SEOs, affiliate marketers, etc. 

Basically, if you’re interested in creating better content automatically and saving time, you must try Jasper.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Jasper AI

Why is it beneficial to use AI writing software like Jasper? In 2022, Jasper AI will be used for 5 MAJOR reasons.

1. Jasper creates original content

No one appreciates duplicating stuff. Creating original, 100 percent plagiarism-free material requires a TON of time.

Thanks to Jasper, you can now expedite your content creation process, since it allows you to swiftly compose blog posts, social media updates, emails, and more.

As soon as you input some text (description of your content, title, keywords connected to your post, etc.), it begins to generate unique material.

Choose the Boss Mode plan from Jasper if you want to generate extensive content, as it reviews your previous 3000 characters (or 500 words) each time before creating. This plan is discussed in greater detail in the Pricing part of this evaluation.

2. Clean and simple interface

Do you have any experience with AI writing tools like Jasper? Jasper’s interface is straightforward and easy to use.

This is what the interface looks like, in case you’re curious;

On the left, you will find all of the tools, such as Templates, Recipes, and Documents, for creating articles and material for your writing needs.

On the right, you will see the words generated by Jasper, allowing you to constantly monitor your word count limit.

On its dashboard, Jasper provides over 50 copywriting templates that may be used to create ANY type of content.

The following are some of its templates;

  • AIDA Framework
  • Content Improver
  • Product Description
  • PAS Framework
  • Sentence Expander
  • Quora Answers
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Facebook Ad Headline and more

3. Boost social media engagement

Whether you own a website or a small business, you must utilise social media to increase visitors and revenue.

However, you must consistently create social media postings in order to establish a following.

It is difficult to come up with daily ideas for social media updates. Here is where Jasper comes in helpful, as it not only helps you generate new ideas but also creates better social media posts.

Jasper provides numerous social media engagement-boosting templates.

Jasper offers the following social media templates;

4. Jasper AI makes the entire process of content creation much easier

Every day, nobody has the time to create exceptional content. Everyone is busy. Writing is an artistic endeavor. Therefore, you must pick between spending a great deal of time writing or not producing much content at all.

You need something like Jasper because it generates material faster than any person could!

Jasper performs all of the writing and research on your behalf and then assists you in revising the paper before you save it as your own. In a matter of minutes, you can move from concept to finish with just a few clicks.

Jasper AI can generate material for blogs, emails, and social media posts, amongst other things.

Check it out;

Jasper can help you maintain a consistent blog, so try it out today.

5. Jasper helps in effective email marketing

The art of crafting persuasive emails is not simple. Whether you know it or not, email marketing is one of the most effective tactics for generating a high return on investment.

Email marketing helps you increase website traffic and sales.

This is what the Email Subject Lines template looks like in Jasper

If you want to increase email open rates and conversions, you need a tool like Jasper. Not only does it generate ideas for your next email, but it also generates original subject lines to increase the open rate of your emails.

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Benefits of Using Jasper AI to Write Blog Posts?

Are you a new Jasper user? Want a beginner’s guide to improving your content creation with Jasper?

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use Jasper AI to improve your writing speed and quality.

First and foremost, you must have access to the Jasper AI tool.

Open the Long-form assistance from the Jasper dashboard once you have access to the Jasper application.

Quick note: Jasper’s long-form assistant assists you in writing long-form articles.

The Long-form assistant tool can be found in the Templates section, as you can see above.

After you click on it, a new document will be created for you. The options are:

  • The first option is to start from scratch
  • Find out how to write a blog post

You will reach the “Blog post-setup” page if you select the “Blog post workflow” option;

You’ll find 3 simple steps above, which we’ll discuss now.

Step 1: Describe the content you want to create

Keep in mind that Jasper is simply a tool. The quality of the content generated by Jasper is entirely dependent on the user.

To develop better content with Jasper, you must specify precisely what you intend to write.

The more the relevance and specificity of the input, the higher quality of the output Jasper delivers. It’s that straightforward.

For instance, you wish to write an article on “how to build a WordPress blog.” You can provide input such as “Write about how to establish a WordPress blog” along with keywords you wish to include in the article.

You may enter up to three keywords at once. You may also omit to enter keywords in the Keywords area, as doing so is optional.

This is how it looks;

Step 2: Title

Next, you will need to enter a title. The title can either be created by you or it can be generated by Jasper.

As an example, I used the headline “Generate more ideas”. Look above in the image, there are a few examples of headlines generated by Jasper.

Select a headline that you find compelling or click on Generate more ideas to come up with even more headlines that are relevant to the content you’re creating. 

Step 3: Intro paragraph

Writing an introduction is the next step. 

Again, you can write the intro yourself or have Jasper write it for you.

You can instantly generate an intro paragraph that suits your content by clicking on “Generate more ideas” under the “Intro paragraph” section.

Have a look;

The above example generated 3 different introductions to the topic. To create more introduction lines, click on Generate more ideas.

Click the Open editor button once the setup has been completed.

Switch to the Power Mode once the editor is open. There are over 50 copywriting templates all in one place.

Here are some screenshots;

The left side of the page contains the title, the content brief, tone of voice, and keywords. In the “Tone of voice” section you can also specify a specific writing tone.

That said, here are some of the writing tones you can use to create content;

  • Funny
  • Casual
  • Feminine
  • Professional
  • Bold
  • Masculine
  • Witty
  • Secretive
  • Sarcastic

Once you’ve finished setting up your writing environment, here is a PROVEN method for creating better articles with Jasper.

Before producing a post using Jasper, you should develop a post plan. Either you can do it yourself OR you may use the “Blog Post Outline” template offered by Jasper.

The Jasper blog post outline template enables you to easily generate content lists and outlines.

Simply choose the Blog Post Outline template, enter the title of the blog post, and press Generate AI, and it will instantly create the outline of the post.

What do you think? Jasper generated both of these outlines for our topic, and both are accurate.

If you are not satisfied with the outlines generated by Jasper for your chosen topic or title, just click on the “Generate AI content” button to automatically generate more outlines for your article.

Copy and paste your outline into the editor once you have chosen an outline.

Start by filling in the outline with relevant information once the outline is in the editor. 

Whenever possible, write at least one sentence below the outline on your own in order to produce better content with Jasper.

After you select the length of your output (short, medium, long), you can click “Compose” and Jasper will automatically create the content.

The content will now be created automatically by Jasper.

It is always possible to erase the last output of Jasper and replace it with another version of the content if you don’t like it.

Jasper Content Improver: How Does It Work?

Excellent copywriting is a science. Mastering the art of crafting epic content takes considerable time.

Sadly, the majority of us are NOT proficient copywriters.

Here, an AI authoring tool such as Jasper will be useful.

The “Content Improver” template provided by Jasper AI enables you to swiftly rewrite and improve current content.

If you’re wanting to rewrite a few phrases (or paragraphs) from your existing blog entries, or if you’re planning to update your older blog posts, the Content Improver template is a fantastic option.

Here are some of the advantages of using Jasper’s Content Improver:

  • Makes your existing copy look better, such as headlines, old blog posts, and descriptions
  • Allows you to repurpose content
  • Provides you with tips for writing great product reviews
  • Makes your own copy more effective

Here is how to utilize the Jasper Content Improver template.

On Jasper, navigate to Templates and select the “Content Improver” template.

Now, insert previously written material into the “Content” area of the template. Choose your tone of voice, or leave it blank as it is optional.

If you’re not satisfied with any of the outputs, you can click Generate AI content to generate more outputs until you’re satisfied with the copy.

Observe how easy it is to enhance your presentation content.

You may also watch the Jasper team’s fast video tutorial below to learn more about this template.

What Makes an Amazon Product Description Compelling?

The majority of bloggers and website owners produce product descriptions using writing tools like Jasper.

If you operate a niche website to market Amazon affiliate products and wish to automatically generate product descriptions, Jasper is an excellent alternative.

Amazon Product Description is an exclusive Jasper template that generates appealing product descriptions for Amazon listings.

Simply click on the Amazon Product Description template from the Jasper dashboard, insert the product’s name and benefits or features, then click “Save.”

To create captivating product descriptions, click on the Generate AI content button for Jasper.

Have a look;

Do you see that? Product descriptions can be annoying sometimes. In order to generate highly relevant and useful content from Jasper, it is necessary to provide clear inputs on the product title and benefits. 

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Below are two packages that Jasper offers.

  1. The Starter Plan
  2. The Boss Mode

We’ll talk briefly about these two plans so you can decide which one is best for you.

1. The Starter Plan

The Starter plan is perfect for beginners who are new to AI writing tools. Also, if you need an AI writing tool for short-form content like headlines, product descriptions, product reviews, Facebook ads, etc – the Jasper Starter plan is a great option.

  • Word Limit: The Starter Plan includes 20,000 words
  • Cost: Starting at $29 per month, the Starter Plan goes up to $499
  • Bonus Word Packs: For $10, you get 5,000 words

Features of Starter Plan:

  • 20,000 words per month
  • The 6000-character lookback
  • The templates include ads, headlines, descriptions, and more
  • Users have unlimited access
  • Projects are unlimited

2. The Boss Mode

If you want to make lengthy articles and get the MOST out of Jasper, you should choose the Boss Mode. Using this plan, you can generate lengthy material such as blog posts, emails, and social media updates.

  • Word Limit: The Boss Mode has 50,000 words
  • Cost: $59 for Boss Mode; $3600 for Boss Mode Plus
  • Bonus Word Packs: 40 dollars for 30,000 words

Features of Boss Mode:

  • 50,000 words per month
  • Look back at 3,000 characters
  • You can command Jasper to create the type of content you want
  • Recipes
  • The search engine optimization mode
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Basic grammar is included
  • Copywriting templates for 50+
  • More than 25 languages are supported
  • Chat support with a priority

Briefly, the Starter plan is BEST for those who are looking for short-form content, while the Boss plan is for those who are looking for long-form content.

You can save more on Jasper if you buy their annual plans, as they offer a FLAT 16% discount (or 2 free months).

Jasper’s pricing chart for annual plans can be found here;

  • The Starter package begins at $24/month as opposed to $29/month (paid annually) and ranges up to $499/month.
  • The Boss Mode plan begins at $49/month as opposed to $59/month (paid annually) and ranges up to $3600/month.

Jasper 10,000 Words FREE Trial

The best aspect of Jasper AI is that it offers a 5-day trial to all users. To begin your trial, click on the link provided.

With the free trial, you will have access to the software for five days and receive 10,000 free words.

You can establish a free Jasper AI account using your Google account or another email address.

Instructions on how to sign up for a free trial of Jasper can be found in our blog post regarding their free trial.

Jasper Refund Policy

Five days of a money-back guarantee are provided by the Jasper AI tool. If you are not completely pleased with Jasper’s material within 5 days, you may request a full refund.

Send an email to hey@jasper.ai following the cancellation of your Jasper account to initiate the refund procedure.

Jasper AI Tool Pros & Cons

Jasper AI Pros:

  • Create better content in any industry with this AI writing tool.
  • If you own a blog or website, you will love this tool since you can create blog posts in minutes.
  • It improves your content writing efficiency.
  • easy-to-use interface with a beautiful design.
  • Using Jasper AI, any topic can be rewritten automatically to make it more readable. 
  • Jasper AI can generate blog posts, website content, or even Facebook ads. 
  • All major browsers are supported by Jasper, and it runs both on PCs and Macs. 
  • It is possible to write as many articles a day as you want without experiencing writer’s block.
  • As you use the tool, it learns your writing style to create more engaging articles.
  • Make sure your content is plagiarism-free by providing a plagiarism checker. 
  • You can try the tool for free for five days before you decide if it is right for you
  • pricing plans that are extremely affordable.

Jasper AI Cons:

  • Content may sometimes be irrelevant when the tool is used.
  • There is currently no way to write posts on a mobile or tablet device because the tool is only available for desktop platforms.
  • Jasper is still in its infancy.  

Jasper AI Customer Support Options

With the Jasper AI writing tool, you can take advantage of some of these support options.

Email: Send an email to hey@jasper.ai if you require assistance with the tool. The Boss Mode plan provides three times faster response times.

Facebook group: Jasper has an official Facebook group community where thousands of individuals who are already utilizing Jasper can be found. You can join the community, ask questions, and receive assistance from real Jasper customers and support employees.

Training Bootcamp: Additionally, Jasper offers a 45-minute Training Bootcamp that teaches you how to utilise the tool like a master.

My Honest Jasper.ai Review

Can Jasper AI software write better than an experienced writer? The answer is a BIG NO.

Jasper AI software can help ANYONE generate better articles in less time, though.

An intern doesn’t know everything, but their skill and effort compensate for their lack of knowledge. If you’re a newbie or will use it for writing assistance, Jasper can be quite handy.

You need to first learn how the tool works. ONLY then, you can generate fantastic material using tools like Jasper, which are based on artificial intelligence.

Give Jasper a try if you want to create high-quality content quickly and without breaking the bank.

So what are your opinions on our Jasper AI review? Did you find it helpful? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know via Twitter.

Happy writing!

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