Bright Data Review: The Best Web Extraction Tool

The Internet is a massive pool of information that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Using all of this information to help your business grow is essential.

Bright Data is one platform that can help you get the data you need. Read the review of Bright Data to learn more about this platform.

Bright Data is known as the best platform for collecting data and proxies in the world. The infrastructure for collecting data gives you the tools you need to get the data you need from the internet.

Whether your business is in travel, SEO, ad tech, eCommerce, or something else, you can use web data to grow it.

You need the Bright data platform to use public web data if you want accurate data.

Accuracy is one of the main reasons why over 15000+ customers worldwide choose Bright Data.

Bright Data’s leading web data services are used by Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, financial and academic institutions, and businesses of all sizes.

Let’s investigate the Bright Data services covered in this Bright Data review.

Bottom Line UpFront


  • Bright Data is the #1 web data extraction tool and proxy service provider.
  • It is the largest proxy network in the world with reasonable residential proxies.
  • More than four million proxy IPs are located across the globe in significant countries.
  • The proxy manager allows you to buy and manage all the proxies. You can also set up the chrome extension and use proxies effortlessly.
  • Can be used for different niches including eCommerce, travel aggregation, web data extraction, and more.
  • Provides residential, datacenter, mobile, and ISP proxies.

What is Bright Data?

bright data review

Bright Data says on its website that it is the biggest proxy network in the world. They make it possible to get any web data without getting blocked.

At the moment, the company has more than 40,500,000 IP addresses that can be used in almost any country in the world. You can start out with just one IP and use millions of them if you need to. In other words, it can be changed to fit your needs.

Bright Data was founded in 2014, and now it is an ever-growing proxy network that lets you use as many IPs as you want, whenever and wherever you want. There are all kinds of proxies, like individual, static, and even mobile ones.

Bright Data Review: Features

Bright Data’s best qualities and main selling point are its great features.

Because of this, Bright Data has been in the spotlight for years and is well-known in the proxy market.

Here are some things you should consider before signing up for Bright Data’s service.

bright data features

The Largest IP Network in the World

The huge proxy pool is one thing that makes the Bright Data proxy network stand out.

They are the best proxy service providers in the world in terms of proxy size. This makes them stand out because no other proxy service provider can say the same thing.

Bright Data has more than 72 million IPs in their residential proxy pool, more than 7 million IPs in their datacenter proxy pool, and more than 2 million IPs in their mobile proxy pool.

With more than 81 million IPs, they are the biggest in the world.

Unbeatable Residential Proxy Network

This proxy service might be the best one on the market right now. They are very well-known because their residential proxies can’t be beat.

Their residential proxies can be used in many different ways and are pretty good at doing specialized tasks.

Bright Data’s worldwide location

Bright Data’s location worldwide is one of its best selling points. They have proxies in every country and many of the most popular cities around the world.

Because of this, Bright Data residential proxies are great for crawling the web, scraping the web, automating social media, and verifying ads, among other things.

Bright Data’s residential proxy pool is unique and includes people from all over the world.

The US says it has more than 4.6 million proxy IPs, and the UK says it has 1.6 million proxy IPs.

There are more than four million proxy IPs from Bright Data in India, more than 100 thousand in Brazil, and a large number of proxy IPs in Canada, France, South Korea, Germany, and other parts of the world.

Fabulous Geo-Targeting

The geo-targeting feature of Bright Data’s residential proxies is another thing that makes them stand out.

They can do this because they have a big pool of proxies that span all countries and big cities worldwide.

This means that their users can get the best proxy service from any location they want.

It is a handy feature for sneaker sites with rules about where their content can be seen.

Autonomous System Number (ASN) Targeting

Most proxy providers only offer two of the three types of geo-targeting.

Most proxy service providers let their users choose between city and country proxies. Bright Data, on the other hand, works with all three.

When geo-targeting, their users can use the Autonomous System Number (ASN) option for more precise control.

Top-notch Security

Bright Data’s top-notch security is something that proxy users worldwide love.

They use the best security protocols to ensure their users are safe while using their services.

Users can browse the web without worrying that someone else will get their essential information.

Because their proxies are encrypted, they say this is one of the best ways to keep things safe. They also use HTTPS and tell their users always to use HTTPS when browsing the web.

Bright Data’s users get a big boost because it is 100% legal.

In this Internet age, when the proxy market is full, many proxy service providers get their proxies by doing bad things.

They steal the home IP addresses of other proxy users without their permission.

This is one reason why many providers of residential proxies hide where their proxies come from.

This is not the case with Bright Data, though, because they get their IP addresses legally and openly.

Excellent Scraping Performance

Web scraping and crawling is one of the main ways that residential proxies are used.

Residential proxy data from Bright Data is thought to be the most reliable in the world in these important areas.

They can get around the smart security features that websites use to stop data aggregators from stealing data.

When it comes to scraping data, Bright Data does a great job. You can use either their Data Collector or your own scraper with their residential proxies.

Even with the most popular websites, like Craigslist, Airbnb, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Upwork, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, Quora, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Indeed,, IMDB, Expedia, Shopify, Newegg, TripAdvisor, Etsy, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Zillow, Google, Google Maps, Wayfair, and

They can also be used to scrape data from social media, real estate, and Facebook ads.

With a success rate of 93.7 percent, this helped them win an award for having the best scraping performance out of hundreds of well-known proxy providers.

Excellent Proxy Network Speed

Bright Data is known all over the world for its fast proxy network. They are one of the fastest proxy service providers in the world.

Bright Data claims to have one of the best connection speeds on the market based on how fast they respond and how fast their proxy connections are.

Even more impressive is that they don’t own the devices to which they send their requests.

You can always use the Speedtest tool to test their connection speed from different locations if you want to test their connection speed yourself.

Powerful Proxy Control Tools

One of the best and most potent proxy control tools on the market is Bright Data.

When people sign up for their service, they get access to these powerful tools that make it easy for them to use their proxies.

They have a Chrome Extension, an API, and a Proxy Manager, which are all powerful tools for controlling proxy servers.

Chrome Extension

People who have used Chrome before know it can be challenging for new users to set up proxies and get them to work.

But users can set it up fine with the Bright Data Chrome extension because their proxies are built into Chrome. Users don’t have to change anything to be able to use it.

Bright Data API

When building a system, it’s easy and helpful for programmers and developers to use Bright Data’s APIs because it helps them communicate with their proxies.

But you might not need their APIs if you don’t know how to code.

Proxy Manager

Bright Data proxy manager is an excellent proxy control tool and one of the best proxy managers on the market.

It allows users to do things very quickly. It is suitable for scrapping and will speed up the time it takes to build something.

Excellent Customer Support

Bright Data is a proxy service known for having excellent customer service. They are the best proxy provider because they have great customer service.

One problem with Bright Data is that their dashboard might not seem easy to use.

If you get in touch with their customer service, they will give you a lot of information.

Their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and blog pages are also excellent sources of information.

Bright Data also went a step further by giving its users live support.

This lets their users get information while chatting with a customer service representative.

But their email support takes a long time to answer.

Bright Data Products

Bright Data has two kinds of services: it collects data, and acts as a proxy. Here, proxy servers will be the main topic. Bright Data gives you four different kinds of proxies to use. Here’s what they are:

Residential Proxy

bright data residential proxies

With residential proxies, you can choose a country, city, or wireless carrier and then surf the web like a typical user in that area. Residential proxy networks use real, private IP addresses rented or bought for business use from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

These real residential IP addresses come from their residential network, which connects every country and city. When used correctly, these IP addresses can collect data as if it were coming from an actual location. This makes them very effective and hard to track down. Bright Data has the fastest and largest peer-to-peer IP network in the world through a service called “rotating proxy.”

ISP Proxy

bright data isp proxies

An ISP proxy is similar to a datacenter proxy and a residential proxy because it has both a datacenter component and a residential component. ISP proxy servers can only use IP addresses from ISP networks, not data centers. This is because ISP proxy servers are usually hosted in datacenters.

Thanks to Bright Data, the first global ISP IPs network, real IP addresses are now available in several countries. You can use your IP addresses for anything you want, whenever and wherever. ISPs give our residential IPs to Bright Data, which then leases them to you so that you don’t get blocked or found out.

Datacenter Proxy

bright data datacenter proxies

Bright Data’s most advanced datacenter network lets you buy one or multiple IP addresses. Datacenter proxies are different from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) because they are not connected to any ISP. A second company makes sure that authentication and privacy are taken care of.

Most cloud servers are what many datacenters use to run their proxy servers. You can buy individual IP addresses in the country of your choice (for unlimited BW or per GB). Prices will change based on how many IP addresses you use. Because of this, this kind of proxy is affordable for both startups and big companies.

Mobile Proxy

bright data mobile proxy

You can buy either a shared IP pool or a single IP through Bright Data’s most advanced data center network. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are not the same as datacenter proxies because they are not connected to any ISP. A second company takes care of things like authentication and privacy.

Many datacenters use cloud servers to run their proxy servers. You can buy IP addresses in whatever country you want (for unlimited BW or per GB). Depending on how many IP addresses you use, the prices will change. Because of this, both small and large companies can afford this kind of proxy.

Where does Bright Data Provide Its Service?

This incredible tool can be used in almost every part of the world. Bright Data is in a better location than its competitors and has a deputy who is there to help.

More than 35 million people all over the world work for Bright Data. It combines this feature with the ability to use the IP address of a city from a list of more than 20,000 cities, making it the best of the best.

Use-Cases Of Bright Data Products

bright data usage

Use Bright Data to get web data easily and quickly so that you can be the leader in your niche. With more than 2213 patents, Bright Data is the leader in web data.

Here are some ways to use Bright Data to get the most out of web data.


With Bright Data, you won’t lose any money because every dollar you spend is checked. With Bright Data, your brand will be safe, and ad campaigns will be checked with high accuracy.

Ad intelligence is the only way to ensure that suitable ads are shown to the right people.

Web Data extraction:

Getting data out of a data aggregator is getting harder and harder. Websites have many rules that stop you from using their services, like blocking your IP address and stopping bots.

Bright Data’s residential IP addresses can be used to get accurate information from the web. Geotargeting has been done on residential IP addresses by country or region. Because the database is so extensive, it’s easy to find the specific information you need.

Travel Aggregation:

There are so many travel sites worldwide that it can be hard to compare prices. Bright Data can help, which is good news.

Using 72,000,000 IP addresses, you can gather prices from around the world and compare them. The travel industry compares prices to stay competitive and gives out false information.

If you use Bright Data residential proxies, you will be seen as a customer, not a competitor. So, you’ll be able to get accurate pricing information for any location.


The competition between eCommerce giants is making the eCommerce industry grow and get more challenging.

The data collector from Bright Data makes sure you don’t fall behind. This lets you monitor your competitors’ stock and prices in real-time.

You can now get any data from an eCommerce site to help you grow your business. Find out about sales and find out the best price for each SKU.

Stock Market Data:

To invest in the stock market, you need accurate technical information. If the information is wrong, you will likely lose money.

The Residential IPs from Bright Data can provide accurate data on specific countries, IPs, and more.

To offer accurate financial services, Bright Data’s proxy solution is the only one that uses accurate data.

How To Sign Up For BrightData?

Bright Data offers a free 7-day trial right now. There are four different Bright Data proxy plans available.

On the Residential Proxy Servers page, you can buy proxy servers for home use.

Fill out the information that appears after you click “Start now”.

bright data signup

After registering with Bright Data, you will be prompted to create a password.

bright data create password

Then, set your password with the username you registered. 

bright data account creation

Then, a verification link is sent to your registered email id.

bright data email verification

Your dashboard will appear once you have set a password. 

bright data dashboard

Then you can set up your network according to your requirements. 

bright data choose service

There are a few ways in which you cannot use it. Residential proxies or mobile proxy networks cannot serve these use cases.

It takes time to get approval.

The dashboard of Bright Data can be accessed after approval. Once there, you can manage your proxy accounts however you see fit.

Bright Data’s Pros and Cons


  • Global coverage
  • Third-party integration
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Flexibility and high reliability
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Each client is assigned an account manager
  • 24×7 support
  • It is possible to extract data from search engine results, crawl them, etc.


  • Beginners have difficulty integrating APIs
  • Compared to other proxies, it is more expensive
  • Some proxy errors may occur in some regions, but they are minimal.

Is Bright Data Worth It?

Well, you read the whole review; you should go with Bright Data.

If you have used a product similar to Bright Data, you should look into Bright Data. To use in Bright Data, you must know about hosting and building websites. You might find yourself in a tough spot when you look at the price. But you should know that the features they offer are worth your pay. Plus, their service is good, so you know you’ll always be their number one priority.

Honestly, Bright Data gave us the best value for the quoted price compared to other options. They are constantly improving so their users have the best experience possible. Even if a business is just starting out, it can see results if it has invested in Bright Data.

Pricing-They Offer Limited Bandwidth and Expensive Prices

Bright Data Pricing

Pricing is a big reason why people buy what they do.

This also affects how many people use a service and how competitive it is on the market.

The biggest problem with Bright Data is that it is expensive.

People don’t try Bright Data’s services because their plans are expensive and scare them away.

Bright Data’s residential proxies cost as much as $300 per month for the smallest plan a user can sign up for.

Even at that price, you will only get 20 GB. If you use more than what you’re allowed, you’ll have to buy a new subscription to keep using the service.

This makes many people not want to use it, so they choose something else with similar features and benefits.

Even though their plans are expensive, considering all the high-end features and benefits you’ll get, it’s well worth it.

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Review Verdict

In conclusion, Bright Data is a premium proxy service that is still one of the best in the world.

They have features that can’t be beaten and give their users a lot of benefits.

They are also considered an expert proxy service with many different uses. So, if you ask me if I think Bright Data is a good choice, the answer is yes.

Users who use their services will be able to use the largest proxy pool in the world.

They also have access to Bright Data’s comprehensive geographical coverage, which is always helpful.

Bright Data is also safe, clean, and reliable, which is a great reason to buy one of their plans.

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